Women’s and Men’s
Veterans Groups

Women’s and Men’s Veterans Groups

The Art Therapy Project respects the confidentiality of our clients. In support of the therapeutic process, names
and other personal information are not made public. The information provided below does not
apply to all clients uniformly.

Several different groups meet the needs of both male and female veterans confronting issues surrounding re-entry to civilian life, post-traumatic stress, military sexual trauma, substance abuse and homelessness. The original women’s group has evolved into a supportive system, and through varied art therapy interventions participants have explored their collective trauma and found solace in the knowledge that they are not alone. The veterans have used many of the issues that disrupted their lives as subjects of their artwork, demonstrating transformation and resiliency. The Art Therapy Project is proud to be one of the first organizations in our area to make available women-only therapy groups for female veterans.