Q: Who are The Art Therapy Project’s clients?

The Art Therapy Project currently provides free art therapy to male and female adult and youth survivors of sexual trauma, male and female veterans, homeless veterans, 9/11 survivors, individuals with substance abuse issues, adults with HIV/AIDS, survivors of torture and patients in the New York Presbyterian Hospital Burn Unit. Nearly half of The Art Therapy Project’s clients are between 5 – 19 years old and include at-risk youth, court-involved youth, survivors of child abuse, homeless adolescents; children in foster care, and adolescents with physical and mental disabilities.


Q: Is The Art Therapy Project part of the Art Therapy Outreach Center?

The Art Therapy Outreach Center officially became The Art Therapy Project in November 2016 as we celebrated our first five years and prepared to embrace our future.  Our new name, The Art Therapy Project, better reflects our focus on the collaborative and ever-evolving nature of our work and our organization.  Along with the new name came a refreshed mission statement, a sharpened brand, and a dynamic new website reflecting updated content and our new visual identity. 


Q: Who are The Art Therapy Project’s Program Partners?

Arab American Family Support Center
Avenues for Justice
Bellevue/NYU Program for Survivors of Torture
Children’s Aid Society – East Harlem Center
Children’s Village
CUNY Office of Veteran Affairs
Educational Alliance
Gay Men's Health Crisis
Good Shepherd Services
Graham Windham
Harlem Vet Center
John Jay Criminal College
Manhattan VA Hospital

Military Family Clinic
Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center
Mount Sinai Beth Israel Inpatient Rehabilitation Center
Mt. Pleasant Blythedale UFSD
New Destiny Housing
New Alternatives for Children
New York Presbyterian Hospital
Riverside Coming Home
St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Crime Victims Treatment Ctr.
WTC Environmental Health Center at Bellevue
Xavier Mission


Q: What does it cost The Art Therapy Project to provide art therapy for free?

On average, an art therapy group session provided by The Art Therapy Project costs $250. Depending on the population, group size ranges from 6 – 10 clients. Summer programs for youth cost $2,000. Generally, groups meet weekly for 90 minute sessions. You can “Adopt a Group” and support an art therapy session.


Q: Does The Art Therapy Project offer a Fee-for-Service option for Program Partners?

Yes. The Art Therapy Project strives to provide as much group art therapy as possible to underserved populations. We have a sliding fee schedule for 60, 75 and 90 minute sessions. Please call for more information.


Q: What kind of art supplies does The Art Therapy Project use?

The Art Therapy Project’s supply closet inventory: markers, colored pencils, collage materials, model magic, tissue paper, glue, oil pastels, water color paints, acrylic paints, beads, glitter, yarn, inks, paint brushes, canvases, sketch books and pads, cameras, stickers, mosaic tiles, masks, papier mâché, wood, ribbon, raffia, fabric, palettes, linoleum blocks, scissors, moss, poster board, colored construction paper, charcoal pencils, buttons, popsicle sticks, hot glue guns, dowels, thread, crayons and much, much more! We also have the necessary supplies and equipment to provide photo art therapy.


Q: Who benefits from Art Therapy?

Art therapy is used with a variety of populations: everyone from young children to the elderly, war veterans to prisoners and people with physical and psychological disabilities. Art therapy has been proven to help people who have experienced trauma. Creating art can help many people access and manage the memories when traditional talk therapy does not.


Q: Do you need to be artistic to participate in art therapy?

Art therapy is about the process of creating art, not the finished product. You don’t have to be artistic to benefit from art therapy.


Q: How do you become an art therapist?

To become an art therapist in New York, one must be both licensed by the state (Licensed Creative Art Therapist, LCAT) and registered by the Art Therapy Credentials Board (ATR). The Art Therapy Project also requires our art therapists to be Board Certified (ATR-BC) which requires passing an additional exam and taking continuing education classes.


Q: How can I get services from The Art Therapy Project?

Most of The Art Therapy Project’s programs are offered in collaboration with other nonprofit organizations. If you or your organization is interested in services, just complete the referral form on our website and The Art Therapy Project will contact you.


Q: How can I connect with The Art Therapy Project?

Visit our website: www.thearttherapyproject.org and Join our email list
Like us on Facebook
Follow us on Twitter
Connect with us on LinkedIn


Q: How can I help?

Volunteer - sign up on our website (Please note: only credentialed therapists are allowed in art therapy groups)
Donate - art supplies or new items for auction
Sponsor - an art therapy group or session
Join - the Young Professionals Group