Affordable Art Fair NYC

In 2012 Affordable Art Fair made a global commitment to educate visitors about the benefits of Art Therapy in each region the brand has a presence. The Art Therapy Project was pleased to be named the New York fair’s Official Non-Profit Partner in 2015. Each fair edition, we collaborate with Affordable Art Fair to continue raising awareness and funds for The Art Therapy Project. Activities have included Superhero Collage making, doodle walls, chalk drawing and more.

Art Making Workshops in 2018

At the spring 2018 edition of the Affordable Art Fair in NYC, The Art Therapy Project will be hosting a variety of workshops teaching various art-making techniques.

Four family focused programs, Paint and Pastry, will take place every morning. Themes will include exploring shapes, collage and super heroes. The purchased tickets from these morning workshops will fund our programs for at-risk youth including children in transitional housing after escaping domestic violence situations.

For the after-work crowd, Paint and Pinot, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, will have themes including collage and painting. These workshops will fund art therapy programs for survivors of sexual assault.

Paint & Pastries workshops each morning at 11:30 am.

Paint & Pinot workshops Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 5:30 pm.

Artists Workshops in 2017

For the spring and fall editions of Affordable Art Fair NYC, a number of artists and galleries helped The Art Therapy Project spread the word about art therapy techniques by leading special, hands-on workshops for fair visitors. Through the workshops, fair visitors generously donated almost $5,000 to fund art therapy programs.

A very special thanks to our
2017 participating Galleries and Artists:

Marcelo Daldoce

Michelle Gagliano
Elisa Contemporary Art

Lizzie Gill

Alex Kuhn

Tanner Lawley
The Lawley Art Group

Alise Loebelsohn
Julio Valdez Studio

Roxanne Faber Savage
Elisa Contemporary Art

Jennifer Vranes
The Lawley Art Group

Elisa Contemporary Art


The Lawley Art Group

Julio Valdez Studio


Doodle Tile Project - 2016 Participating Galleries and Artists

The Art Therapy Project is grateful to Affordable Art Fair NYC and the dozens of galleries and artists who have supported our partnership. In 2016, nearly $5000 was raised from auctioning 30 original tiles created by AAFNYC exhibiting artists interpreting the idea of “turning negative energy positive.”

A very special thanks for these
participating Galleries and Artists:

Alida Anderson Art Projects
Washington DC
    F. Lennox Campello
    Lori E. Katz

New York
    Thomas Hagen
    Maricio Morillas
    Ellie Winberg

Artspace Warehouse
    Ricky Hunt
    Pete Kapszrak
    Adam Nisenson
    Mauro Oliveira
    Johnny Taylor
    Raul de la Torre

    Lucie Bennett
    James Hunter

Garcia Studio
New York
    Elaine Arsenault
    Gail Garcia
    Dez Ryan

JCamejo Art
    Ernesto Capdevila
    Victor Alejandro Fernandez
    Nicolás Leiva

Lilac Gallery
New York
    Yannick Hamon Art

    Niall Leavy

The Lawley Art Group
    Tanner Lawley
    Jennifer Vranes

Vietnamese Contemporary Fine Art
New York
    Nguyen Thanh Binh
    Pham Binh Chuong
    Dang Xuan Hoa
    Dinh Thi Tham Poong