Young Professionals for
The Art Therapy Project

The Young Professionals Group is The Art Therapy Project’s most culturally engaged and civil minded supporters under age 40. We are passionate about connecting people with art and mental health services through art therapy initiatives. The Young Professionals Group seeks to advance The Art Therapy Project’s mission through spreading awareness as well as financial support to make their wide range of programs possible.

Volunteer-driven, The Young Professionals Group is always looking for new members and new ideas.
If you are interested in joining The Young Professionals Group or hosting an event, please email us at

As informed advocates of both art therapy and The Art Therapy Project’s mission, members of the Young Professionals Leadership Board cultivate a forum for young professionals to participate in a variety of educational and social activities and act as a medium to enhance an understanding and appreciation of art therapy and the impact it imparts.


Laura Ackerman

Jennifer Cuminale

David Dobkin

Meg Dodge

Suzy Mage

Eliza Milliken

Cristina Salmastrelli

Jeff Salomon

Kelly Anne Sherlock

Devon Smith

Sarah Staller

Lucas Takahashi

Alison Wasserman